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Privacy for visitors to the Brambati headquarters


Pursuant to and by effect of art. 13 of the Regulation EU 27 April 2016 no. 679 "General Data Protection Regulation".

BRAMBATI SpA informs you that, in order to grant access to the Company’s site and to protect and preserve the company's assets, it is the Controller of your data classified as personal data pursuant to Reg. EU 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data.
Purpose and lawfulness of the processing
The collection and processing of personal data is carried out:
for access to the BRAMBATI SpA site;
to protect the security of customers, staff and persons accessing it, as well as protecting corporate assets against possible attacks, thefts, robberies or acts of vandalism;
and they will be subject to processing based on the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights.
The personal data that the Data Controller may collect are the following:
general data (surname, name, vehicle registration number, company you belong to);
images taken by the video surveillance system;
The lawfulness of the processing is based on:
pursuit of the legitimate interest of the Data Controller (pursuant to art. 6.1, letter f) of the GDPR).
The legitimate interest of the Controller is represented by the need to guarantee the security of the persons present on the Company's site and the protection of the corporate assets.
Methods of processing
The processing of data for purposes related to the access to the Company's site occurs by using automated, electronic or magnetic media, as well as non-automated methods, on paper, in compliance with the rules of confidentiality and security envisaged by the law, by the consequent regulations and internal provisions.
The data are always processed in full compliance with the principle of proportionality of the processing on the basis of which all personal data and the various processing methods must be relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes pursued.
The stored data are protected by appropriate security measures, in order to reduce the risk of accidental loss or unauthorised access that is unapproved processing or processing that does not comply with the purposes for which it was collected. The images collected by the video surveillance system are processed in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, correctness and transparency, also with the aid of computerised and electronic tools designed to store and manage the data themselves and however in such a way as to guarantee their safety and protect the utmost confidentiality of the data subject. The processing will take place with manual and/or automated systems (by adopting the appropriate technical and organisational measures that guarantee adequate security to prevent unauthorised access or use of personal data and equipment used, as well as their availability, integrity and confidentiality) to store, manage and transmit the data, with logic strictly related to the purposes. There is no automated decision making process.
Location of the processing
The data is processed and stored at the headquarters of Codevilla (PV), via Strada Nuova 37.
Mandatory nature of data provision and consequences of a refusal to provide data
The provision of data is mandatory for access to the Company's site, therefore any refusal to supply them in whole or in part may make it impossible for BRAMBATI SpA to allow access to visitors. In relation to the video surveillance system, to complete the information provided through the signs displayed in the areas subject to video surveillance, we inform you that the use of the cameras is aimed at protecting the safety of visitors, customers, staff and individuals accessing the Brambati SpA site, as well as the protection of company assets with respect to possible attacks, thefts, robberies or acts of vandalism. The images are taken and are recorded for the purposes indicated above. The images are taken and recording is performed without any environmental interception of communications and conversations and without linking the images to further elements which would make identification of the data subject possible. The system collects long term images of accesses to the Company area and it operates 24 hours a day. The cameras are positioned within the company perimeter and they record the access gate so as to limit filming only to the areas which are actually subject to the risk of unlawful or however harmful behaviour by subjects outside the company organisation.
Data communication
The images collected and recorded are communicated to the Supervisory Authority and they can be communicated to Bodies and/or Institutions in all cases indicated by statutory requirements and in the event that it is necessary to carry out specific Judicial Authority or Judicial Police orders.
Transfer of data abroad
Your personal data will not be disclosed to other companies/organisations located in non-European Third Countries.
Data retention periods
Your personal data relating to access to the Company's site will be processed for 12 months and also subsequently to fulfil any legal requirements. The images are recorded and stored for 24 hours after which they will be erased, except where required on account of specific needs related to holidays or the closure of offices or buildings or by Judicial Authority or Judicial Police orders.
Rights of the data subject
With regard to the personal data, the employee can exercise the rights envisaged by Chapter III of Reg. EU 2016/679 within the limits and under the conditions set forth in articles 15 - 23 of the aforementioned Regulation. In particular BRAMBATI SpA guarantees and acknowledges the exercise of the following rights to the data subject:
the right to access personal data present in their own paper and/or electronic archives;
the right to request the correction, updating and erasure, if incomplete or incorrect, as well as to object to their processing for legitimate and specific reasons;
the right to obtain the correction of inaccurate personal data without unjustified delay. Taking into account the purposes of the processing, the data subject shall have the right to have incomplete personal data completed, including by means of providing a supplementary statement;
the right to obtain the erasure of personal data concerning him or her without unjustified delay if one of the reasons set forth in art. 17, paragraph 1 of the Regulation exist;
The right to obtain the limitation of the processing when one of the conditions referred to in art. 18, paragraph 1 of the Regulation applies;
the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authorities, as well as to exercise the other rights recognised by the applicable regulations.
The data subject can exercise their rights by contacting the Data Controller at the addresses listed below.
Data Controller
The rights in question may be exercised, also through a designated person, by submitting a request to the Data Controller available at the Company's offices in via Strada Nuova 37 - Codevilla (PV) - Tel. 0383 373100 or to the following e-mail address:
The data controller is BRAMBATI SpA, via Strada Nuova 37 - Codevilla (PV) - Tel. 0383 373100 represented by the Legal Representative. E-mail
The complete text of Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR) is available on the website of the Supervisory Authority

Codevilla, 25/07/2019