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Brambati is operating more sustainably

Brambati S.p.A. treats its family tradition with respect while also looking to enhance it in an innovative way, in the knowledge that research and development, integration and​ attention to current issues regarding sustainability are basic to a viable, lasting future​.

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Brambati S.p.A. recognises the​ importance for​ civil society​​, including local communities, associations and authorities,​ of adopting a sustainable approach, and is working to leave a durable environmental legacy for future generations. The company has therefore set out its own strategic guidelines for the medium-long term in terms of sustainability​, adapting its way of operating in order to integrate environmental and social issues far more closely. Some principles for action are as follows:

- Promote the welfare of employees and collaborators

- Improve the level of health and safety at work

- Promote a responsible and environmentally friendly supply chain

- Reduce environmental impacts

- Increase the level of customer satisfaction

- Promote the social and economic development of communities

- Introduce a circular economy approach

- Introduce sustainability into the procurement of goods and services

The pathway towards greater environmental sustainability began in 2009​.

The company started to see the importance of reducing its impact on the environment, as well as that of its supply chain, of making its processes sustainable, of raising awareness among employees, and of training them in the best way possible to manage the resources available.

Brambati's goal is to ensure that both its own production chain and the value chain in which it operates become fully sustainable. Every actor in the chain is key to achieving the goal of complete sustainability,: ​​with people and business coexisting in harmony with the environment, and working together to create greater value for society.